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We donate to charitable causes designed for the purpose of helping mankind...


Mission Statement

Collins Family Legacy Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation founded in August 2007. The donations we receive will be used solely for the purpose of helping mankind. The Collins Family Legacy Foundation (CFLF) was established for the purpose in helping United States legal gifted, talented, needy students who require financial assistance in order to continue their education.

At present we are working with a music academic school in North Hollywood for gifted music students who need addi- tional financial assistance to further their education.

In the short time since the beginning of the foundation, the President and founder Mr. Tom O. Collins has passed away. l, Richard Collins, the son of Torn Collins will continue on with my dad's wishes in helping mankind as my dad had wanted.

With your donation you have become a part of the Collins Family and in doing so are also helping the future mankind students. God bless all of our supporters.




Our Supporters

Thank you for your support and donations to CFLF.

Our generous supporters and donors have empowered us to make a positive difference in the world in our mission to help mankind. For over 1 0 years we've been supporting students in furthering their education in music and beyond.

We'd like to acknowledge the support and donations that have come from our generous donors:

Teresa J. Bush
Dianna Greenfield
Geneva Malatesta
Bill & Sue Malatesta
Tom & Karen Malatesta

Thanks to you we've been able to touch the lives of hundreds of students over the years. We appreciate your donations.


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Collins Family Legacy Foundation
6240 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #211
North Hollywood, CA 91606

Phone: 818-766-7616